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  1. Yes, our office and classrooms are located in the Vancouver Lower Mainland. Please follow this link for more details:


To be referred to the ESAF program you must first see an Employment Counsellor. Afterwards, you and your Counsellor will determine if the ESAF program is the best fit for you based on your work history, career goals and funding eligibility. For further eligibility questions please read though this section of our website:


A. Once enrolled into an ESAF program all our group training is done through the British Columbia Institute of Technology, Vancouver Community College, Pacific Vocational Institute and other ITA designated training institutes. Our partners provide ACCESS Trainees with the highest quality of training available.

A. We could provide a very long list but just call our office at 604 521-5929 and ask to speak to a counsellor. In the meantime here is a testimonial from one of our success stories:

 "My overall experience with the ESAF Program and instructors was great. They taught me a lot about the Essential Skills and myself. I learned ways to help myself with my studies too."

 Cody Rose, Intake 15 Welding

A. Please make sure you have completed all the "Advanced" sections. If so, congratulations and please send our a team an email and we will try to reply shortly. If we don't have any further updates, etc. available we can definitely refer you to some "recommended for further readings".

A. Yes, you can but instead of buying one we offer several free, online calculators. The floating toolbar on the right provides two quick links to a popup window for both i) basic and ii) scientific calculators. If you are interested in more options just click on the “Tools” menu item and select from a number of calculator widgets page.


A. No, but we recommend that once you choose a course topic (i.e, Volume) that you start from the beginning. If you are hoping for just a quick review the interface makes it easy to navigate around.

A. Depending upon your level ofexpertise this is possible; however, the videos are designed to provide all the introductory concepts, practical examples and step-by-step demonstrations of the problem solving.

A. We would be very happy to work with other schools and learning institions on sharing our course material. As our materials are culturally specific we ask that any sigmificant alteration to this content be done with with our team's consulation. Otherwise, knowledge is meant to be shared...please redistibute as desired.

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