Converting a Fraction to a Percent
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Skills Application: Converting a Fraction to a Percent
Step-by-Step: Converting a Fraction to a Percent
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Converting a Fraction
to a Percent

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Running with Pi

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This conversion is the reverse of the conversion of percentages to fractions in the previous lesson. One way to convert a fraction to a percentage is to convert the fraction into a
decimal, then multiply by 100. The result is a percentage.
  1. Divide the numerator by the denominator. The result is a decimal.
  2. Change the decimal into percent by multiplying by 100 (move the decimal point two places to the right).

A Short Review

Convert the fraction
into percent:
  1. Divide six by seven 6 ÷ 7 = 0.8571
  2. Change 0.8571 into percent: 0.8571 x 100 = 85.71 so 0.8571 = 85.71%
You don`t need a calculator to multiply by 100. All you need to do is:
  1. Locate the decimal point: 0.8571
  2. Move the decimal point two places to the right: 85.71
  3. Add the % symbol: 85.71%

GetMath Worksheet Level1 novertspaac

Worksheet: Level 1

The operations used are clearly specified. Only one type of mathematical operation is used in a task.

Worksheet: Level 1 Sample Question

Calculate the following:
 = ? %

Worksheet: Level 1 Answer Key

 = 18%

Download Worksheet: Level 1

GetMath Worksheet Level2 novertspaac

Worksheet: Level 2

Tasks involve one or two types of mathematical operation. Few steps of calculation are required.

Worksheet: Level 2 Sample Question

Calculate the following:
 = ? %

Worksheet: Level 2 Sample Answer

Calculate the following:
 = 12.5%

Download Worksheet: Level 2

GetMath Worksheet Additional novertspac

Infosheet Advanced: Additional Information

Tasks involve multiple steps of calculation. Advanced mathematical techniques may be required.

Additional Information: Another Way to Get the Answer

Another Way to Get the Answer
Task: Convert the fraction
 to a %.

Another way to get the answer, using cross multiplication & division (solving as an equation)episode 3 1

  1. In this approach,
     is converted to percent through an equation. First off, recognize that fractions can be written as a percents. Percents are related to fractions, they can be converted back-and-forth.
 is one side of an equation. episode 3 2On the other side is a division by 100. This 100 comes from the fact that percents always have an invisible “out of 100” concept with them. The % sign is actually short for “out of 100”.
The unknown amount can be represented by the letter x. Algebra is used to calculate x. After multiplying both sides of the equation with 100, we can solve for x:
  1. Set up the problem:

100 ∙ numerator ÷ denominator = x

  1. Calculate: 100 ∙  1  ÷  5  = 20
  2. Take a pencil and write down  "x = 20"
  3. Write the % sign after the 20 Now you`re done with the math.
  4. The last step: check your work, make sure everything was copied and written correctly then determine that the correct way to write the answer is 20%


\[\frac{20}{100}\text{ = 20%}\]

Download Infosheet Advanced: Additional Information

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