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Computers on modern ships have built in control circuits to balance the vessel. This is done by using the math of subtracting angles. The computer determines the degree of the angle of list by using angular subtraction from the vertical reference line. The computer then activates bilge pumps to alter the amount of water held in the different ballast tanks of the ship resulting in restoring the vertical position of the vessel.


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Advanced Worksheets
Calculating the Diameter of a Circle
A water main pipe is wrapped with a sling
A water main pipe is wrapped with a sling for lifting. If the slings wrap is 4.712m, how wide is the pipe?
Note: Round your answer to the nearest mm.
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4.712m needs to be converted to mm.

4.712m = 4712mm

C ÷ p= d

circumference ÷ p = diameter

4712 ÷ p = 1500mm

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